The Wortley Hotel

Lincoln, New Mexico

Proprietors Troy Nelson and Katharine Marsh

The historic Wortley Hotel, formerly owned by Sheriff Pat Garrett, is located in scenic Lincoln, New Mexico, the former stomping grounds of Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid. Billy the Kid broke out of jail for the last time in Lincoln, killing Deputy J. W. Bell and U. S. Marshall Bob Ollinger, in the process. Bob was eating at the Wortley, along with several prisoners from the jail, when the breakout occurred. It was his last meal.

Billy the Kid was considered too damned dangerous to be taken across the street and fed at the Wortley. He took his meals in the courthouse. He talked J. W. Bell into allowing him to go to the outhouse while everyone else was gone to lunch. On his way back from the outhouse, Billy overpowered and shot Bell.

When Ollinger heard the shot he dropped his fork and ran across the street. Billy let him have it with both barrels of his own shotgun. He died well fed. The management of the Wortley would like to point out:
  • We no longer feed prisoners.
  • The food is much better these days.
  • Carnage of this sort rarely occurs in modern day Lincoln, thus our motto, "No Guests Gunned Down in Over 100 Years".

Do you enjoy nightlife, bright lights, hustle & bustle and fast living? If you do, we don't have any of that here. You need to go to Las Vegas (the one in Nevada).

If you enjoy clean mountain air, rocking on the front porch, pitching horseshoes, listening to the quiet, rubbing elbows with colorful characters and exploring New Mexico, the Land of Enchantment, have we got a place for you. Come and stay awhile.

The Hotel at the End of the Rainbow

Proprietors: Troy Nelson and Katharine Marsh

Location: Highway 380, Lincoln, New Mexico 88338

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 115, Lincoln, New Mexico 88338

Phone: (575) 653-4300